Visitor Management System

Visitor management System keeps track of the people those visit your location. For some organizations, simply collecting the visitor's name is sufficient, but others have higher security requirements—like badges, legal documents, employee escorts, and more. Now with state of art techology in visitor management, you could automate most of the tasks. In current covid situation, you could make the entire system as a self service system, with least or minimal interaction.

Why consider Visitor Management System

Increased efficiency

Visitor management software increases Efficiency, Visibility and Accountability

Pre-enrolled Visitors

Visitors can be pre-registered.

Scalable & Flexible

Make your visitor tracking system that is Scalable and Flexible to ever changing business scenarios


It will improve customer Satisfaction, Professionalism, and Staff moral

Bion Edge

Bion, an Expert in Visitor Management System Implementation With more than two decades of expertise in providing solutions in Security to organizations, we have earned long term relationships with our clients.

  • System Integrator: Integrate Visitor Management system with other security systems and bring them under unified platform
  • Customised Solutions: Many clients ask us to develop solutions that are customised and suitable to existing infrastructure.
  • Service & Maintenance: With more than 150 customers and 250 sites, we maintain your systems with zero downtimes in most of cases.
  • Focus on Quality: Quality and Finish are the key focus areas while executing the projects.

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