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Bion offers end to end solution in Security Systems. Right from designing the solution to implementing and managing them as well for you. We have host of services under professional services like RISK ASSESSMENT, INTEGRATIONS, TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT, MANAGING OPERATIONS etc.

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Our Professional Services

  • Risk Assessment: We survey and assess risks in the current system. We also propose solutions to minitate the Risks.
  • Technical Assistance:
  • Sales & Budgeting Assessment: If you are looking for assessing budgets for implementing or revamping exisisting security systems, we help you do so. We will do prelimainary assessment and provide you with budget, design and other details.
  • Training & Development: We offer training and development in various products & systems to upskill your team members. This training is offered online or onsite.
  • Integration of Security Systems: Integration of Security systems with Manpower Security Systems
  • Operation's Outsourcing: We offer trainned and skilled resources on contract basis to manage your physical security systems effectively.
  • Design and Installation:
  • Every customer requirement is deeply analysed for developing solutions. Making the best combination of products and makes to suite your budget. The journey starts from site visit and survey, then design & development, Approval, Installation, Commisioning & Testing, Finally Handover with proper documentation.

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