Unified Security Platform

From bare-metal servers to local or cloud-based virtual machines, to containers and serverless functions and beyond, one can build infrastructure and application environments in many different ways. But this new freedom for application deployments has one major drawback from the perspective of SECURITY. The more types of deployment strategies one uses (or the more often you switch from one to another), the harder it becomes to keep all of them secure. Hence, its extremely useful to embrace the concept of a unified security strategy. This means putting in place the tools and processes you need to secure any and all environments.

Benefits of Integrating Security Systems

Increased Efficiency

Manage all security systems, monitor and respond all security incidents on the same platform

Reduced operating costs

Unified Security platform reduces your cost of managing operations.

GDPR Compliance

Products used in the integration comply with GDPR compliance.


Upgrade more systems/ devices to existing unified platform at any given point in time

Cyber security & Network protection

Stored data is secured and proctected from unauthorised access. Multilevel authority is used for right access. You can also track any malacious activity by an employee.

Thermal temperature & Screening

Scientific studies support that certain telethermographic systems, also known as thermal imaging systems, may be used to measure surface skin temperature. These systems include an infrared thermal camera and may have a temperature reference source.

Touchless Security System

Effective managers continually source innovative solutions and implement them. Access control is the next opportunity that is knocking at the door. The pre-COVID era in access control is gone. Smart solutions in touchless access control like mobile access, cloud-based systems, and facial recognition ID for employee and visitor management systems change the game, and security professionals need to understand them.

Facial Recognition

With facial recognition, images of employees are saved as templates on the database. When staff approach the door or entry point, their image is captured and compared with the available templates to determine access. This method of access control is genuinely hands-free and promotes a touchless culture. In recent years, the technology has improved dramatically.

Customised Configurations and Solutions

Perimeter monitoring solutions for large campuses, Number plate monitoring system, Under vehicle monitoring system, Barrier solutions, Tailgating solutions, time and Attendance solutions, People counting

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