Fire Detection & Alarm System

A must have for all the building as a part of any Govt Compliance and it helps people to Evacuate and save many lives in case of any emergency like Fire or any other threat and is the most reliable source of any kind of communication for people who are trapped in as well.


A Fire detection system addresses compliance requirements. However, protecting people is even more primal factor.

Reduce Manual intervention

System is automated and reduce manual detection effort. Thereby reducing administrative costs.

Reliable System

Bion designs solutions that are Reliable and Scalable. We can also support you by providing round the clock monitoring services.

Real-time Notification

Get notification on any event, or possibility of fire in real time.

Bion's wide range of Fire Alarm Systems caters to your specific requirements and ensures the safety that is critical and essential to your facility

  • Our complete range of Fire Alarm System boasts of repute brands of advanced technology that are UL/FM/EN54/ VDS listed.
  • We carry out a detailed site survey and design a system as per National Fire Codes and Standards.
  • Our Fire Alarm Systems are equipped with advanced design parameters such as interfacing with other systems and future scalability needs.

Voice Evacuation System

Integrated with the Fire Alarm System, We provide our customers with state-of-the-art Analog and Digital Public Address System Brands that covey clear and audible instructions to all the building’s inhabitants across all floors in the event of an emergency. Advance solutions could include IP based PA Systems for Corporate office and Industries, Auditorium Solutions, Stadium Solutioning etc.

Bion partners with best brands in Fire Detection & Alarm sytem

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