Access Control System

Access control system autheticates and regulates people movement in a perticular area or premise. It is a physical security system that connects to a network which authorises entry of a person there by giving protection that ensures security. Access is be given through Access cards, RF ids, Biometric, Retina scan, Hand (Palm), Facial, Tags etc.

Enterprise Access Control System

Access Control for Large organization, built for today's world
  • Large transaction storage capacity.
  • Supports worldwide expansion and scalability.
  • Supports 3rd party Access Cards.
  • Customized Card programming for higher security.
  • End to end solution for Physical security, Material tracking, Surveillance and Intrusion detection system.
  • Integration with 3rd Party HRMS / Payroll system.
  • Data Encryption for better data security.
  • System redundancy and fail over mechanism.

Small Enterprise Access Control

Bion offers solutions based on the customer requirements and business needs. We have speciliased Access Control solutions specifically desgined for small enterprises.

Cloud Based - Access Control System

Run your access control system from cloud to access from anywhere in real time. Save cost of buying and maintaining on-premise servers. This arrangement especially is effective for organisations which prefer to control security remotely and physically from other locations at the same time be cost effective.

Enterprise Access Control Capability and Features

Time and Attendance Monitoring

Manual time capture systems are error prone and consolidation of data from various sources is difficult and time consuming. Time & Attendance software efficiently sets the time management discipline, report and record keeping for enterprises. You can track Attendance details, Manhours/ overtime, Attendance regularization report, Option to update manually, Employee list, Holiday list etc.

Seamless Integration of Access and Other Services

Integrate Access Control with other Physical Security and other services like Facial recognition, LDAP Integration, Active Directory, Wave reader technology, turnstiles & elevator access control, vehicle access, parking management, IT Server racks, cafeteria, visitor management.

Integration with HRMS Systems

Access Control System can be integrated with Human Resource Management Systems like Payroll processing. By integrating you could connect using API's, Export reports, Import employee details, Auto sync, Manage employee status, redundancy is eliminated, employee travel details is syned, leave status is synced automatically, final attendance summary can be generated.


Effective security and access control systems require uninterrupted operation. When physical access control systems stop working, the entire operation is at risk. High availability solutions are necessary to ensure these essential systems remain operational and provide uninterrupted coverage. Bion offers high availability solutions that maintain high availability of physical access control systems with a comprehensive redundancy solution.

OSDP and RS-485 Solutions

  • OSDP uses the high-end AES-128 encryption being more secure than Wiegand.
  • OSDP supports two way communication between the controller and the card reader.
  • OSDP supports cable ranges up to 1200m while Wiegand only up to 152m.
  • The OSDP roadmap specification also allows for extended IP environments and also allows for cross-checking and monitoring of security platforms from different manufacturer devices and solutions, a huge advantage.

Facial Recognition (with Temperature Monitoring) Access Control Solution

  • Face Intelligent Recognition. Deep Learning AI.
  • No-Contact Temperature Screening.
  • Multiple People Temperature Measure.
  • Quick determination of high temperature..
  • Visual Alert to notify operators on high temperature.
  • Virtual ODC Solutioning.

Server Management and Services

The server stores the access control system’s data and permissions. This system decides to unlock a door for a specific user and tracks data for who enters and when. Servers can exist on a dedicated computer, a cloud-based service or in the card reader itself.

Database Management

Database Security means to keep sensitive information safe and prevent the loss of data. Security of data base is controlled by Database Administrator (DBA). The security mechanism of DBMS must include some provisions for restricting access to the data base by unauthorized users. Access control is done by creating user accounts and to control login process by the DBMS. So, that database access of sensitive data is possible only to those people (database users) who are allowed to access such data and to restrict access to unauthorized persons. The database system must also keep the track of all operations performed by certain user throughout the entire login time.

  • Solution Distancing.
  • Contact Tracing.
  • Head Count Management.
  • Software Integration with HRMS.
  • Multitiming and Multishifts.
  • Reports Generation.

Vitual ODC Solutions

Create virual invisible boundry/ fence to manage access and controls. Get real-time alerts on security breach.


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