Barrier Based Solutions

Flap barrier turnstiles are electronic optical turnstiles with glass panels (or flaps). These glass panels extend from a pair of optical turnstile cabinets. The panels meet in the middle of the two cabinets to form a pedestrian barrier. A flap barrier turnstile is an aesthetically pleasing security and access control solution.

Flap Barrier Turnstile Applications

A flap barrier turnstile is used when both heightened security. These turnstiles provide a barrier to entry with a very pleasing and inviting appearance. A flap barrier turnstile is often used in office buildings and reception areas, lobbies, modern subway and transit stations, and other high-end building entrances.


Flap Barrier Turnstile Variations

Flap barrier turnstiles come in different shapes and sizes. Rectangular, square, and wedge-shaped flaps are common flap barrier shapes. These flap barriers can be waist high or full height, depending on the level of security necessary. Optical turnstile flaps can move by either swinging or retracting to open a lane. Movement, shape, and barrier height are all variations that help tailor flap barrier turnstiles to specific project needs. Some of the popular barriers are the Flap Barriers, the Tripod Turnstiles, the Boom Barriers, and the P-Type Swing Gate.

Benefits of Turnstiles & Flap barriers!


With other security systems



Prevents tailgating. Allows one person at a time.

Movement Control


Covid Sitaution

Advanced Barriers could be touchless


Inviting appearance



Walk Through Metal Detector

WTMDs are used at airports, transportation venues, government facilities, and other buildings to screen individuals for concealed weapons or other contraband. They are often one component of a layered security system that may include operational procedures, security personnel, physical barriers, and/or surveillance equipment. WTMDs play a specific role in security for detecting concealed weapons. Indoor, fixed systems are typically installed as checkpoints at: Transportation venues (e.g., airports, train, bus, ship boarding areas), Government buildings, including courthouses and military installations, Schools, Private buildings, and Prisons. Temporary, indoor systems may also be set up for special events. Outdoor WTMDs installations may be either fixed or temporary, and may be used at: Sporting events, Concerts, and Special events

Under Vehicle Surveillance System

UVSS is a hardware-software based system for under-vehicle surveillance. The system creates a database of high-resolution undercarriage images and recognized vehicle license plates. UVSS provides high-quality images of the entire width of a vehicle’s undercarriage. Moreover, it is a cost-effective and convenient solution for visual inspection of all types of vehicles: from passenger vehicles to trucks and trailers.

It is a perfect solution for government, military, corporate, and transportation facilities – wherever particular vehicle monitoring is required.

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