Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Round the Clock Service, Guaranteed!

Our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is tailored to meet your 24 Hour / 365 Days safety needs, ensuring that your equipment is optimally maintained and total cost of ownership is predictable. It could also extend the life of your safety systems and protect you against unexpected breakdown and related costs.

BION AMC Advantage
  • Reduced risks of failure of equipment.
  • Asset Protection – extended life of investment.
  • Extended life from your equipment due to preventive maintenance visits.
  • Regular preventative maintenance calls.
  • 24/7 on call emergency service.
  • Parts replacement based on expectation of the equipment’s lifespan.
  • Reduced equipment repairs
  • Online support center ensures all support requests are tracked and resolved to customer satisfaction.

Our AMC customers can now request for our support in any of the three ways listed below. And, we have made all of them simple.

  1. Customers could create a support request ticket using web AMC Support Center or
  2. Customers could send email to or
  3. Our staff could create a ticket on behalf of our customers – just make a call to our AMC Support Center.

This system is aimed to enhance our AMC customer’s overall experience with us.

Bion security has been a great partner over the last 2 years in ensuring that necessary controls such as Fire Alarm System, PA System, Water Leak Detection system at Server room, etc. are maintained at the highest operational effectiveness. Their speed and execution in handling issues and promptness in ensuring preventive maintenance activities is much appreciated. Certainly a valued partner for managing Safety systems for the organization.

Sanbir Singh Keer

Mast Global

Bion Safety Controls Pvt Ltd  is offering excellent Products and Services of Fire Safety Products and proven track record of quality, Time and Services to our organization over several Years.

Umesh Kulal


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